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Prayer for brother homeless in Wausau trying to repair his vehicle and missing some needed tools, primarily a belt remover. I know God can make chance happenings "happen" praying that some good Samaritan happens upon him that can help. Thank you.

Jason H

Since the beginning of Covid, my wife lost her taste and smell and still has not got it back. She is getting really hopeless hopeless and almost stopped eating because EVERYTHING tastes like the worst things EVER. Thank you for praying.


Please pray for a young father with a serious drinking problem. He has a wife and four young children. His friends are trying to help him, but he cannot overcome this addiction. Thank you.


Please help me ask the Lord to send a true Christian believer into Gene's life He is a new believer in Christ and just like a newborn baby he needs someone to nurture him spiritually with the word of God so that he may develop a closer relationship with the Lord. I also ask that God protect Gene from the evil in the world while he develops his spiritual muscles.

John Ninnemann

Please pray for Calie because she left me at our house walked out on me when I was at work and pray for me to to get through these hard times, thanks

Joseph Fasi

Joseph is suffering from a condition where any physical activity will cause him to become physically sick. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his illness. Please pray for his recovery.

Piper Marie

My newest grandson needs all the prayers he can get. He was born at 21 weeks and is a little fighter. He has had two surgery now. And is still fighting. His name is Oliver Starka.


I'm asking for prayers for healing as I'm suffering from a chronic pain disorder and just broke my foot in 5 places, have been hospitalized for critically low potassium and just not taking care of myself. I'm severely depressed as I'm not able to work and have absolutely no income, therefore facing homelessness. I'm feeling pretty lost and scared right now and am feeling a stronger pull from Satan than from God. Thank you in advance!

Elizabeth Bannerman

I sincerely thank you for your help of Prayer during and through the still ongoing Radioactive Therapy for Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts, organs, and bones. i will be very grateful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing. Amen!

Debra Mcnair-mertes

I am recovering from a long surgery still have a open wound on my left ankle please pray God would heal it soon if it is his will thank you God bless!

My baby girl dog my best friend for the last 15 years has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and it may mean she could end up with congestive heart failure I know she is getting old but am not ready to let go yet will you please pray for healing for her if it is God's will thanks so much

Alex M

Please help me pray for salvation of Mark who is living in sin and hurting those around him. I ask that the Holy Spirit convict him, not allowing Satan to condemn him (since shame & guilt cause more sin) but convict him until Mark repents.


My dear friend, Barb, age 71 has been battling an autoimmune disease for 3 years now and recently her hands have swollen and weakened terribly along with increasing pain in her joints. Please pray for healing and relief. Thank You!


Our cat who we dearly love is having health issues and I ask for prayers for healing. I know others have more pressing issues but we love Murphy and please pray for healing. THANK YOU!


Please pray for me(sangeun) and all of my family members(junghee dohan jieun hochul jeolja nosun zzomi jujeon) to know the Jesus and Gospel and the truth by Spirit of God and accept the Gospel and Jesus Christ and believe in Jesus Christ. and worship Father God in the Spirit and in truth not according to a person’s will but solely by the will intended by Jesus. and not to give up on Jesus Christ and faith at any situation and repent of all our sins and be free from all our sins and be forgiven all our sins by Jesus and go to heaven surely.

Kristine Schuhmacher

We have 2 daughters. In 2015 our 29 year-old died of an over dose. We took in her 4 children it was not an easy road, and I am still having problems with one of the kids. I am now a great grandma at 61 years old. Here is my request to be praying for my husband and I for healing. He's a diabetic and he's not doing well. He has a herniated stomach. I have to have knee surgery on both my knees. I have arthritis in my body, thyroid problems and restless leg syndrome and it's really hard to get anything done. I'm asking if everyone would pray for us for healing and my family. Thank you.


Please pray for my friend Iva. A 74 year old woman that needs spiritual and emotional healing. She has a very hard heart and an unforgiving spirit. She was abused as a child and has suffered her whole life. She is excessively proud and unyielding. She believes she is a Christian and I fear for her with her attitudes. Thanks so much!

Jordy ter Haar

Hello My name is Jordy, I am From the Netherlands, I am 21 years old, Pray for me that all luke warmness will leave out of my life, And that i get spiritual stronger spiritual grow, and that i will spend more time in the bible, and in prayers, And that the relationship God and Me will be stronger and better, And that all Spiritual Wall that causing Spiritual blockage and blocking the blessings of God, that it will be broken, And that my spiritual Eyes and ears will be open to see What God wants me to see, and to hear His voice!, Also That God will give me the discipline i need, and That i will do the will of God more, And That i will be led by the Holy Spirit very strong, that God will use me powerful!


Hello, I want to request for prayer for marriage - I am 41 years old and single, no kids. I am worrying my time is running out as a woman to give birth -


Prayers for my family. That God will bless our unborn baby girl , that she would be born whole, healthy & alive. For direction on where we need to go to find a safe van to transport our family as our main vehicle was totaled. That my husband would be able to find work after unexpectedly losing his job early in November. That all our financial needs would be somehow met. Grace for my husband, that the chains of anxiety, stress & depression would be broken in Jesus name.

Robin Stafford

Please pray for our daughter, Megan, husband, Jonathan, and children. Jonathan lost his job, their van was totaled, they are expecting a baby, Megan is very ill, their children are ill, and they have no other means of financial support. Please pray for work for Jonathan, health for all, safe delivery for Megan and the new baby, and that they'd obtain a new vehicle that will meet their needs. Sincerest thanks!


prayers for marriage

Prayers for discernment for my marriage. My spouse has battled with addiction to alcohol for a long time. They have gone to treatment, in and out patient, we have been separated, almost divorced... the struggle continues as well as the lies and deception. Please pray for chains to be broken, hearts and lives to be restored and healed. But mostly God's will to be done, peace, clarity, faith, strength and God be glorified, one day at a time.


pray for anger issues

My daughter who is a single mom with a daughter of her own has terrible anger issues and sometimes lays it down too hard on my grand daughter. Please pray for her to receive the gift of patience and understanding, She has a great heart but has too much time on her hands which leads to wasting time on useless youtube videos. Please pray for my Girl. She's a good person...she just gets very angry and it's so hard to calm her down.


pray for friend caring for his mom

Please pray for my friend Matt & his sister Sally, they have been taking care of their mother with Alzheimer's disease. The last two years have been extremely hard on him and his sister. Matt has been emotionally torn apart with all the stress he is having to endure these last couple years. Matt works a full-time job and takes care of his mother. Lately his job has been in jeopardy due to this situation. Matt is not a follower of God, but i am hoping that we all can have enough faith for Matt and Sally and help them with our prayers. Please pray that Matt and Sally have the strength to handle these situations and that they look to God for answers and believe in his grace.


faith restored

Our son, Dillan once walked with God. However, with his current trials of divorce and other job challenges, he is losing hope that our God is even hearing or caring for him. Thank you for agreeing with me that our son will return to the feet of Jesus and rekindle faith.


pray for our family

Please pray for our family as we are going through a difficult situation right now. Need prayers that the truth will be revealed, for guidance and wisdom on how to proceed, and possible depression surrounding the situation. A big decision date will occur after Thanksgiving so specifically need prayers that these items will be revealed quickly. We love 89Q and appreciate your prayer support!


prayer for my emotions

I feel so out of control with my emotions. I’m stressed out 24/7 and feel like I’m not a good enough mom for my daughter and she deserves so much more than I can give her. I’m struggling so much cause I’m try to follow God but then one little thing happens and I lose my temper or it causes me to spiral out of control with my thoughts and I feel so guilty and alone.. I feel like I have no one i can turn to for help or even be honest with, not even my fiancé cause he’s not saved and doesn’t understand. I just need prayer that I’ll figure out how to be better, that I’ll make it though this and that I won’t mess up my daughter with all my issues.


Please for my family. My son Ben, his wife Madalaine and my grandson Malachi and my daughter Elizabeth. We have been hurting many ways from trauma of losing their 1st baby Willow and now dealing with no communication. My daughter has been divorced but now we see she was being abused. And I need to find good housing. So many sad things have happened to our family. Thank you for prayers.


Prayers for new start with job for son and girlfriend. Fill them with confidence, trust in God's direction in their life. Also for friend who recently lost her adult daughter. Strength for family and divine protection for her sons.

Kathy M

need encouragement

I'm going through tough time. Please pray for Encouragement and Support. Thanks brothers/sisters!

Brian Lucia

pray for healing and salvation

Continue to pray for Iva Jean. Trauma from childhood sexual abuse and spiritual needs. Not sure that she is saved.

Sandy Schultz

Praise and request

A praise report: been promoted to assistant manager. I'm still trying to write software that I can sell. I have all the knowledge needed. I just need to know how to use the tools effectively. Please pray, as I need to still make more to pay off student loans (didn't go for forgiveness). I'm not comfortable with going for traditional software developer positions yet. I do deeply appreciate your time and energy in lifting this up.

Robin S

pray for daughter and her family

Please pray for our daughter as she works through legal separation and heals from abusive relationships. Please pray that she will be able to find work and an apartment near us and her other siblings so that we can help support her and her children. Please pray that God would restore the brokenness in their hearts.

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