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All summer long - 89 Days of Summer  
Enjoy various artists and events through out North Central Wisconsin with 89Q!  

July 16 to 18 - 89Q Listener Appreciation Concerts
Free concerts with Cade Thompson in Rapids, Marshfield and Wausau

August 25 - Hope in the Park
featuring food trucks, music, speakers and 
Matthew West at Marathon Park in Wausau. 


Combining experienced announcers with encouraging music and a heart
to share the love of God, we’re 89Q — Hope is Here!


89Q relies on pledge drives we call Sharathons, as the primary means to secure the financial support needed to sustain our ministry over a six-month period. While we receive funding through various channels throughout the year, the Spring and Thanksgiving Sharathons are our largest sources of operating funds.

Sharathons are live, on-air events that span three days. During this time, our regular radio programming is temporarily suspended. Instead, our announcers take the opportunity to highlight how 89Q has impacted our listeners through daily broadcasts and within the community through events. You'll hear stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed, providing concrete examples of the positive influence of our ministry.

Music is a central component of Sharathons, because it is the main tool God uses on 89Q. The announcers detail the stories of how the station has been used to bring hope and healing in Jesus Christ. As you listen, you may sense the presence of God's grace, even in the midst of life's challenges.

During Sharathons, we extend an invitation for you to participate actively. Your support is more than just a financial contribution; it signifies your trust in the collective impact we can make. You can join other listeners by calling in or contributing online, becoming an integral part of our mission to bring the Hope of Christ and His Word to north central Wisconsin.

Sharathons also feature special challenges and contests that add excitement to the event, making it a memorable experience for our audience. We regularly update our Sharathon totals to keep you informed of our progress towards our fundraising goal.

If you're interested in making a meaningful contribution and being part of this extraordinary effort, we encourage you to join us. You can show your support by clicking the provided link (Donate) or by reaching out to us at 844-453-4673.

Together, we can continue to impact lives and bring the ultimate Hope through the ministry of 89Q.


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