Jennie Williamson at Trinity

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
6:30 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
7:30 PM
Trinity Merrill Lutheran Church 107 N State St. Merrill, WI 54452

Join us on December 13th at 6:30PM as Jennie Williamson leads us in a fun, energetic Christmas concert as part of our Christmas Concert Series. Jennie Williamson brings an energy and excitement for Jesus that is contagious! The music and live events are filled with incredible messages of love and hope that reaches the hearts of every audience. Jennie actively tours across the country performing and speaking at Christian schools, Churches, VBS programs and Educators’ Conferences, Pastor’s Conferences, Women’s Ministry Events and Christmas Concerts. Singing, speaking and teaching are all very important to Jennie. While she understands that words and text are good for the cognitive part of our brain, she feels the soul is sometimes left untouched. So many people “hear” the “words” but the “words” may still not penetrate the heart. Music is just one unique way of reaching, touching and communicating God’s love and truth’s to the deepest parts of our hearts. Jennie loves sharing her music and message to Pastors, Teachers, Moms and Dads, Men and Women, and Boys and Girls.