Unanswered Prayers…

Normally people share how grateful they are for answered prayers, I would like to Thanks my God for an UNANSWERED Prayer. I’m a Nurse who works away from home, so I only see my family from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon if I am not working my other job which can be stressful. I work with one other Nurse, and as needed LPN’s. Due to my coworker my job had become too stressful, so I had applied for a job that was 3 miles from my house, I was chosen for an interview for the position and asked all my friends and prayer warriors to pray for me that I would get the job so 1) I could be closer to home to spend more time with my family and 2) To leave an EXTREMELY stressful job due to a coworker. I prayed & prayed and then got the email that I did not get the job. I was devastated, I cried so hard, I cried out to God telling him that I didn’t know how much longer I could stay at this job as the stress was just too much & I was at the end of my rope, ready to just walk out & quit my job (which HE already knew). We had a meeting with regional Supervisor and all medical staff and it was, to put it mildly, a bashing session focused on me, I left work that afternoon determined that I would figure out a way to make ends meet, GOD would provide, I couldn’t believe that he would continue to make me go through this. Then the Supervisor called, I let it go to voicemail, part of me was praying not to lose my job and the other was almost hoping I would. Long story short, my coworker was let go that day……………..and then the Covid pandemic hit and people were getting laid off, but I still had my job. So God in his infinite wisdom had NOT answered MY prayer for a new job, but had done what HE ALWAYS DOES and PROVIDED!!!! There are so many drives home that I had, where I had thought about giving up, and then there was 89Q playing what God needed me to hear at that EXACT TIME!!! Like “You say” and “Look up child” by Lauren Daigle, “Blessing I can’t see” by Building 429, I can’t remember how many times I heard these songs & thought WOW they sure are playing the same songs a lot, not realizing God was speaking to me through your station. So I HAD to donate, because if my FATHER could show me how HE is ALWAYS watching out for me, by Not answering what I prayed so hard for, imagine what he could do for others.

God Bless,

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