“Let your heart beat again”… A Story of Hope

Our Grandson was born with a weak heart, which we weren’t aware of and by 7 months old was in congestive heart failure. He was hospitalized for a month and able to go home for a few months, until it was evident that the medications were no longer enough and he was re-hospitalized at Milwaukee area Children’s Hospital of WI and placed on the heart transplant registry. He waited a mere 6 days for a transplant. The family received the good news, after the Dr. had spoken with mom in the morning, about the need for a ventricular assisstive device, soon, due to our Grandson’s declining condition. At the same time, my sister-in-law was in Israel with her Church group, they had just come back from praying at the “Wailing Wall” for many requests and had gotten on the bus, when my brother called her of the good news that he had received a matched heart. She started crying and she shared the story with the bus and some of them broke down, then they decided to go back to the wall the next day and pray some more. We were saddened of course for the family that had to lose a child and make that very difficult decision about organ donation. I hope they know how grateful we will always be. He did so well from surgery and only in the hospital for about 7 days after surgery. We were so Blessed to have an energetic baby back. Oh the songs that came over 89Q to and from work were awesome and moving, “Let Your Heart Beat Again” was especially meaningful. After about 1.5 years he started having a rough time, we thought it was from the changes in his anti-rejection medicines, he stopped eating well, hair was falling out and had a scaly scalp. So after multiple blood tests and a skin biopsy of scalp, the Dr.’s diagnosed him with peripheral lymphoma, which led to a PET scan and sadly had cancer in liver, lungs and in lymph nodes around intestine, along with skin cancer, stage 4 lymphoma!! He was only 2, almost 3 years old and the entire family was devastated, how could this happen?? It was determined that the anti-rejection medicine did cause the cancer, only a 1% chance of this happening!! I put him on the prayer chain as with his transplant, but the songs from 89Q seemed to have even more meaning. I even called the station and they said they would pray for him. Our Grandson endured so many days with pokes, prods, sedation for tests or procedures and he was pretty brave. He fell in love with super heroes, especially Hulk and would use some of those figures, costumes, masks to perhaps deal with being away from home and all the invasions on his body. After a year of treatment, he is FREE OF CANCER and has received his own stem cells earlier this yr. and donor stem cells just recently. It hasn’t been without very scary moments, bad side effects from treatment and long times away from his 1 yr. old sister and home. We feel very blessed and thankful for having him back home. He is happy, energetic and as he told a staff member what he was thankful for this upcoming Thanksgiving, he replied”healthy”. Thanks 89Q for your prayers, your beautiful music you play at just the right moments and for remaining in our community.

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