I found comfort and abilities I never thought I had… A Story of Hope

I don’t know where to begin, but here it goes. A while back 7-8 years ago my life took a drastic turn for the worst, I have been married for 28 wonderful years, however some during that time weren’t so wonderful. I am a middle aged husband and father of three beautiful daughters, one now 24 years old with Autism and Epilepsy, my second oldest is 23 years old and has no issues mentally or physically finally my third daughter unfortunately has went on to live with our heavenly father 21 years ago. Well our life together was moving along which I thought was a dream come true, sure we argued over some petty things however, I thought we are just like other couples and we’re going through the motions on to bigger and better times, boy was I blindsided after the loss of our third daughter my spouse felt unloved, less appreciated, the works. Eventually viewing me as a monster and enemy of hers so without my knowledge she was in contact with other male figures behind my back, you see I worked swing shifts at a nearby mill and concentrated mostly providing for my family as one would expect meanwhile not forgetting about the love and joys of my spouse. to make it shorter then going into detail I wish not to relive, she had found herself in the arms of another man in another state and hopped a bus there with not such a inkling of my knowledge, she had abandoned our vehicle in a nearby parking lot left the keys inside and a note which tore my heart out, she had confessed to being unfaithful just two years after our wedding day with you guessed it a friend of mine which stood up for me that day, well it gets worse she also admitted to having another affair with a childhood friend of mine whom I’ve known since the age of 5, and now yet finding herself on her way into yet another man in another state, well with all this new and unexpected information I felt like a total failure I knew I had my work cut out for me I had two young daughters whom depended on me I proceeded onward to be the best parent I could be now the oldest was around 8 years old the one with the disabilities and the other Thank GOD, was my rock at the young age of 6 or 7, I didn’t know how to explain this devestation that I just found out about but with the love and support of our Lord and friends and family I found comfort and abilities I never thought I had well that’s where 89-Q comes in I was driving in my car one day and heard a song by Chris August called The Maker and things changed being in the state I was and the responsibilities that were lying ahead of me and the welfare of the girls I needed to know in my heart that I wasn’t alone in this my loving God was by my side and those words in the song gave me strength and courage to press on. Well after finding out the grass wasn’t so greener on the other side she eventually returned and I knowing my God takes care of us that believe in him welcomed her back, many of my friends and reletives told me to send her packing never to look back things will get better she wasn’t worth it along with the marriage we so happily had prior but something clicked in my heart and I gave it to my Lord if anyone could mend it back together he could well it worked my forgiveness and heart would be tested however it worked. Since those tragic times I have done studies and joined a church, was very active in our men’s Bible studies eventually started to involve myself in being concidered a licence Pastor, I have given sermons, preformed weddings, also have done funeral services on many occasions. It all comes down to hearing that song that day on 89-Q so thank you so much for being the inspiration network that has made me into the person I am today I continue and always have my dial set on 89-Q only. By the way we are still living out our faithful loving marriage to this day also, the girls are all grown and keeping their faith alive and well. With the greatest admiration Thank You for changing people’s lives and in some cases saving them .

Sincerely yours Art

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