God’s Love is Enough… A Story of Hope

I just wanted to share with you all what a major impact your station has had on me in the last month or so. This might be a bit of a long story, but you all have been such a blessing I feel I need to share.

On February 3rd of this year, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. We were overjoyed as we had been trying for just under a year. On March 6th, we received the devastating news that I was miscarrying. I was heartbroken. This news was met with a slew of doctors appointments to monitor me, multiple blood draws, heart wrenching ultrasounds that showed nothing, and the grueling physical changes a woman’s body goes through in this kind of tragic event.

I was broken, carrying on my day in either an inconsolable mess or a numbness that somehow hurt more than feeling actual emotions, all the while trying to convince everyone around me that I was fine. I couldn’t understand how God could take something away that only days before I had been tearfully praising and thanking him for. It didn’t make any sense to me, and I was hurt and angry.

I wanted to pray, but every time I tried, words wouldn’t come. I didn’t know what to say other than “why?” and I couldn’t even bring myself to ask that because I knew I probably wouldn’t get an answer. So one night, as I was driving to work, I got tired of just sitting in silence hoping words would come, and I turned on 89Q. The first song that played was “Broken Hallelujah” by The Afters. I started singing along to this song I had heard a hundred times before, but this time the words really meant something. The tears started, and halfway through the songs, the words finally came, and I prayed, hard, for the next 30 minutes while I drove. I said everything I had pent up inside me to God, and I cried for Him to bring some healing into my life. After that car ride, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I started listening to 89Q on all of my drives to and from work, and it felt like every time, when I needed words to pray, the perfect song would come on to steer me in the right direction.

It’s been a month since my miscarriage. I won’t lie and say I’m healed yet, but because of that song played on your station, my attitude towards the healing has changed. I’m not healing in spite of what God took from me, I’m healing because God is walking through a tragic event with me, holding my hand and guiding me, reminding me that He loves me, and that love is enough.


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