God has been there through it all…

I had a very bad upbringing. When I was 18 I got very sick My body started shutting down. I ended up in ICU in congested heart failure. They also found out that I had cardiomyopathy. The hospital I was in had the Preist come in to read me my last rights. My nurse at the time told me that I sat up and told the Preist that I wasn’t going anywhere. She said that you have never seen someone run out of a room so fast. About a year later I had gone to my doctor for my once a week checkup. He told me that it must be a miracle because my heart was fully healed. God healed me and gave me a life that at the time I wasn’t sure what to do with. I was saved in 2016. The next year two days before Thanksgiving my husband and I were going to Milwaukee to visit friends and family. I hit a patch of black ice and my car flipped into the ditch. I was thrown 30 feet from the car. When I got to the hospital the doctor told me that I had an angel watching over me. My body core temp was 72 degrees he said I should have been dead. I had no internal damage I was just bruised all down my left side and had one cut on my arm.
My daughter got taken from me and I thought my life was over but God put her in the most loving and God-fearing family. She is so blessed. Well, I had a job that I really loved. But sometimes the past comes to bite you. I had been working for this job for about three weeks and they hired a teenager. They told me that they were laying me off for two weeks and they would let me know when or if I could come back. Then a few days later I got a text telling them they would need the paperwork for that case. I told them that there was no way I could get that being the case was closed. So, I quit. I put out applications at various different places. By the grace of God, I got the job today. I start on Monday. In all the pain and suffering God has been there through it all. God is so amazing He’s my true Father.

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