God Answered My Prayers… Story of Hope

If I had not given my life to Christ, I don’t think I would be able to share my story. I grew up the youngest of 4 and life was good. As years passed and I went from child into adulthood my family became no longer my family. My parents never talked to each other. My older sister never moved out and seemed to control everything and everyone.  My sister and my brother moved away, and they never called. After college I was never welcomed back. Like 19 years of my life never mattered. For no reason, and then I was homeless.

I worked, always tried to call, but you can only try so many times. I later spent holidays birthdays by myself. I felt so confused for years as to why, I was not good enough like my sister to be a part of my family. I tried to commit suicide. Now some may never understand why, but I become so stubborn over the years. I wondered why did God give me this family, just to let this happen and that made me bitter.

As years passed, I did things I never thought I’d do. I gave someone my kidney thru transplant at UW Madison. I became friends with some cool people and worked an awesome fulltime job. Then in 2009, I met two people. The first would end up being my greatest friend, Stacy.  She loved God!!!! Was on fire for him. We got along great but were opposites in the friend department. I was the crazy loud one and she was the tell it like it is, Jesus freak friend. So much so that my relationship with God started on a bet with her.

She dared me to go to church for one whole month. That was a hard month. I cussed her out, I cried, and I walked out. I was still so hurt years later.  The second was her brother. He was this guy who was just a friend, but he grew on me and I grew on him. Two years later in 2011 I married this man and Stacy not only went from being my friend she also became my sister-in-law as well.  In that time, I learned why God does what he does. Later, I learned my father passed but I was not present, and he already been cremated. I knew that with the love of my family, the faith God gave me I would get thru it.

Three months later, I got call stating my mother was dying. For the first time in 18 years I saw my mom. Suddenly aged and hanging on by life support. I spoke to my mother for the first time in forever. I told her I loved her and forgave her, and I told her about the granddaughter she never met. When God closes doors, he opens others in his time, not mine. God knew what I needed and wanted for my life. The next day my mom died, and my older sister wanted to start a relationship back up. God did not feel the need to open that door for me and I was ok with that.

I now am a mom to two beautiful girls, married and have an awesome family unit.
God answers prayers he answered mine. I believe to this day, my father watches over me!


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