IRONBULL Red Granite Grinder bike race

October 17, 2020

7:00 am - 12:00 pm

400 Block downtown Wausau
316 Scott Street
Wausau, WI
kids free for 12 mile ride, adults $45; $80 for 140, 85 or 50 mile races


Riders get a chance to explore gems that can only be accessed through this race.  Riders will fully experience Central Wisconsin by riding through areas not usually open to bikes in addition to passing ginseng fields, dairy farm pastures, barns and farm fields in each the 50, 85 and 140 races.  Consider the 12 mile recreational ride (kids ride free) or volunteer!

Hope and Encouragement®

3500 Stewart Avenue, Wausau, 54401

715-355-5151 / 844-453-4673 (HOPE) - Toll-Free

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