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About Me:

I’ve always had an interest in radio, a compulsion I credit/blame my grandma for. Back in the 60’s she would always pull out the tape recorder and microphone and tape my sister and I. I became addicted. I was a 6 year old growing up in Kankakee, Illinois and nightly could be found with a radio by my bed listening to Chicagoland radio. Not the music as much as the D.J.’s. I visited my first radio station before I was 9, hanging out with a family friend who was actually on the air there! I was instantly hip just by entering the building! I was so obsessed with talking on the radio that I called that same radio station the following weekend during the radio auction program. I set my recorder rolling and then they came to me on air. I made up a story that I had a motorcycle for sale and I even gave a fake phone number when the announcer asked me for my contact information. I did all this just to play my tape back later and hear myself on the radio. I digress…

After High graduation in 1984, I attended Brown Institute of Broadcasting in Minneapolis. My first job was in a small town in Fairfield, Iowa, then Roanoke, Virginia, on to St. Cloud, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Des Moines, back to Minneapolis, and most recently the last 8 years have been spent in Boise, Idaho. It’s just like the WKRP in Cincinnati song goes…”town to town, up and down the dial.” Now I’m living on the air in Central Wisconsin at 89Q! My first Christian radio job in my almost 20 years in broadcasting.