Program Schedule

Monday - Friday

12:00am 89Q Music
6:00am Wake Up Show with Matt & April
10:00am Focus On The Family
10:30am Walk In The Word
11:00 am Morgan Smith
3:00 pm Way-Home Show with Ken Bishop
7:00 pm The Wally Show



12:00 am 89Q Music
6:00 am Wake-Up Show with Matt & April
10:00 am Joe Polek
2:00 pm Ken Bishop
6:00 pm Terese


12:00 am 89Q Music
6:00 am Walk In The Word Weekend
6:30 am Way To Worship with Coy Sawyer
10:00 am Morgan Smith
2:00 pm Joe Polek
6:00 pm Terese
10:00 pm 89Q Music